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Embracing the Present and the Essence of Being There

By / Tracy Wright Corvo

December 30, 2023

As the year nears its end, I find myself in an unexpected situation, reflecting on the profound themes of presence, acceptance, and the essential connections that bind us. Today, instead of bustling around in preparation for the new year, I am sitting in bed, comforting my little dog, Coco, who is unwell. This moment of stillness has brought forth a cascade of thoughts about what truly matters in life.

The To-Do List vs. The Present Moment

My plans for these final days of the year were extensive, with a to-do list stretching a mile and a half long. But as I sit here with Coco, I am struck by a vital realization: sometimes, our presence is more important than our plans. Being there for others, and in this case, for a tiny, ailing creature, raises a fundamental question – what really is essential?

Boundaries, Care, and Connection

This situation has led me down a path of pondering boundaries and the delicate balance of giving and self-preservation. We cannot pour from an empty cup, yet the value of genuinely caring for others in their time of need is immeasurable. It’s about finding that middle ground where we can be a support system for others without losing ourselves in the process.

Lessons from an Inherited Friend

Coco, an 11-year-old dog I inherited from a dear friend who passed away last November, has become a symbol of this lesson. Today, she needs me, and this need has made me question the importance of my meticulously planned tasks. It’s a stark reminder that sometimes, the most crucial act is to care for a being in need.

The Need for Connection and Love

My reflections extend to the broader aspect of human connection. We all need each other in various ways – for conversation, healing, laughter, or simply a shared moment of understanding. At the core of these interactions is our fundamental need for love and connection.

Gratitude for the Year’s Experiences

Reflecting on the past year, I feel immense gratitude for the opportunities I had to be there for my friends, pets, clients, husband, and family. Balancing the demands of running a business, managing a home, personal care, socializing, and more, is a juggling act. Yet, this year posed an essential question: What is truly necessary in our lives?

The Journey to Find What’s Essential

For months, I’ve contemplated what’s essential in every aspect of my life. While I don’t have a definitive answer, my thoughts always circle back to the importance of being present. Being present with ourselves and in the moments of our lives is a profound realization.

Acceptance and Presence in the Now

One of the biggest takeaways from my contemplations is the concept of acceptance and being fully present in the ‘now.’ Finding balance, especially in challenging times, requires us to slow down and truly engage with the present moment.

The Essence of Our Human Experience

We are souls having a human experience, here to connect, create, experience, and evolve. This journey is only possible through awareness, mindfulness, and presence. Learning to just ‘be’ is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

As we step into another year, let’s remind ourselves to cherish the present, embrace the moments as they come, and understand that sometimes, the most important thing we can do is simply be there – for ourselves and for others.

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