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The Essential Practice of Self-Care

By / Tracy Wright Corvo

February 2, 2024

In these tumultuous times, the art of self-care has transcended beyond the basic needs of sleep and nutrition. It has become a vital necessity, encompassing not only our physical well-being but extending deeply into our energy fields and mental health. The question is no longer about what we should do to stay physically healthy but about understanding what keeps us balanced, centered, and in a state of peace amidst the chaos that surrounds us.

Understanding Your Energy

Knowing how to recenter and reset your energy into a calm, peaceful, neutral state is crucial. When the world feels overwhelming, the simplest acts can become powerful tools for tranquility. Pausing to breathe deeply, stepping outside into nature, sitting quietly with a hand on your belly or heart, or even staring at a blank wall can be profound practices that help us regain our equilibrium.

Personal Methods for Peace

I have found my own methods for maintaining peace through activities such as walking, taking a bath, journaling, meditating, and listening to beautiful music. These practices allow me to reset my energy, enabling me to stay in creator mode and avoid feeling overwhelmed. By maintaining my inner peace, I can serve as a calm center for others, offering light and support in times of need. Remember, disruptions to our peace are inevitable, but learning to handle them from a place of calm allows our minds to work more effectively, helping us make healthier choices and find solutions.

Tools for Self-Care

One specific tool I’ve incorporated into my routine is an app called the TRIPLE FLAME, developed by Richard Rudd of the Gene Keys®. It encourages users to pause at three intervals throughout the day for three minutes. This simple practice is a powerful way to slow down, reset your energy, and create more space in your day. It’s a reminder that peace is always accessible within us, regardless of external circumstances.

Unplugging from the Matrix

In our highly polarized world, bombarded daily by a flood of information, it’s vital to remember that we can choose to take breaks and unplug from the matrix. While some may remark on the chaos of our times, a glance through human history reveals that chaos has always been part of the human experience. The key lies in changing ourselves to transform the external chaos. By maintaining our energy in a way that allows us to respond rather than react, we harness our true power as creator beings.

Grounding and Clearing Your Energy

Clearing your own energy field is as simple as grounding yourself to the Earth and consciously releasing any energies or emotions that do not belong to you. Caring for your energy is arguably the most critical practice you can undertake. And yet we were never taught about this vital aspect of our being. As part of one collective consciousness, our individual efforts to maintain peaceful energy contribute to the creation of a more loving, harmonious, and peaceful world.

Accessing Peace Within

You possess the power to access deep levels of peace. By breathing into the stillness, allowing peace to emanate from every cell of your being, you discover an oasis of tranquility within. This inner peace becomes a place of refuge from the chaotic world outside. Once you discover this peace, you can revisit it, re-accessing this oasis again and again. You have the power to choose peace, to slow down, and to establish this peaceful feeling within you.

Self-care in the context of today’s world is about much more than physical health; it’s about caring for our energy and spiritual well-being. By practicing self-care, we not only improve our own lives but also contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world. Remember, the power to choose peace lies within you, always accessible and waiting to be embraced.

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